Special Formulation

“Collagen is an essenial building block of the skin that stimulates and recruits immune cells and fibroblast, thereby preserving structure and promoting healing. Particulate or powdered collagen is purported to expert its biologic activity immediately upon application.”
-Kallis, P. and Friedman,A.(2018).Collagen Powderin Wound Healing. Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, 17(4), pp.403-408.

“Proprietary blend of oligopeptides and sodium hylauronate [Obligopeptide]has a beneficial function to promote wound healing”
-Uchinaka,A., Nagata, K. and Yamamoto, H.(2017). Evaluation of dermal wound healing activity of synthetic peptide SVVYGLR.Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 491(3), pp.714-720.

“Various studies confirmed dexpanthenol’s moisturizing and skin barrier enhancing potential. It prevents skin irritation, stimulates skin regeneration and promotes wound healing.”
-Proksch,E., de Bony, R., Trapp, S and Boudon,S.(2017).Topical use of dexpanthenol: a 70th anniversary article. Journal of Dermatological Treatment, 28(8), pp.766-773.

Hyaluronic acid extracts are safe and efficacious products to be used in the skin repair.”
-Neuman, M., Nanau, R., Oruna-Sanchez, L. and Coto, G. (2015). Hyaluronic Acid and Wound Healing. Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, 18(1), p.53.